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Trust is Everything - Blog Post

There is no greater gift than someone’s trust, and no more foundational component to a healthy relationship. Without trust, healthy conflict cannot take place, commitments fall through, accountability suffers, and ultimately results are non-existent. Patrick Lencioni, in his seminal work “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” noted that trust is the first pillar of a […]

How to Give Great Feedback in Difficult Times blog

Scott is a long standing manager and someone that everyone in his organization, all 35 employees, look to when something goes wrong. He’s been with his manufacturing company for 32 years, and he has served in almost every role in the organization, from machinist to management. He’s on the leadership team now, but still makes […]

Company Values: The Starting Line, Not the Finish blog

Values. Every company has them. They’re often emblazoned on walls, printed on employee handbooks, and touted in recruitment materials. But here’s the thing: values, as important as they are, are only the beginning. They’re the starting line, not the finish. Imagine, for a moment, a world where every company simply stated their values and stopped […]