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Blog 3 Different Pathways to Continue Engaging

Peruse our blog. We are curating a robust library of articles meant to serve you and our clients and answer your burning questions. We listened to the questions brought to the table during client calls, coaching sessions, workshops, etc. And throughout 2024 we will be answering those questions right here on our website. So be […]

Evolve Difference - Do I self-implement, do I take more courses, do I take on a consultant

So you’ve read about the Five Facets of Business™ on our website, maybe you’ve downloaded our free Five Facets guide or you’ve taken one of our monthly workshops. You suspect this framework could help your business, but you’re not sure how to do it and now you find yourself at a crossroads when it comes […]

Post-Workshop with the Evolved Difference: What's Next?

Workshops add value and provide learning but can be difficult to translate into the day-to-day work environment. We want to make sure that the content from the workshop has an impact beyond the session – the whole purpose of this workshop is to positively impact your day-to-day work life. This quick article is aimed at […]